Terms and conditions policy



A $50/bike/day deposit (credit card) will be taken at the time of reservation. The balance will be processed automatically on the day of the rental.

To reserve an electric bike: you must be 18 years of age or older.

To drive an electric bike:

A signed liability release form is required in all cases.


Your credit card number will be requested and will be retained in the event of the following additional charges: Theft of the bike or equipment, breakage of the bike or equipment due to improper use, late fees, or other fees during the rental. LIST OF REPLACEMENT COSTS: Mirror: $10 ea., Bell: $5, Storage bag: $25, Lock: $10, Adult bike helmet: $50, Child bike helmet: $25, Luggage rack: $25, Fatbike: $2,000, Hybrid bike: $2,000, Key (bike battery or lock): $10, Child's transport cart: $275, Picnic blanket: $20

Late fees: $5 per 15 minutes, or $25/hour.

You must contact an employee of Vélos Évasion if a breakage or malfunction occurs during your ride: 1-833-666-8356

A theft or an accident must be immediately reported to the police. The user will have to pay to Vélos Évasion for the bike replacement (in case of theft) or repairs needed on the bike or equipment.

For any necessary repairs to the bicycle or equipment, the user will be required to pay the invoice for the costs incurred.


Any cancellations or modifications made on your reservation, must be notified 24 hours prior to the activity otherwise your deposit will not be refunded. If the activity should be cancelled due to weather conditions (heavy rain, strong winds), you can change your reservation or Vélos Évasion will issue a credit note valid for 12 months.

For more information, please contact us at 1-833-666-8356 or info@velosevasion.com


I hereby acknowledge that I am covered by a civil liability insurance, and I release Vélos Évasion and all its managers, employees, volunteers, or organizers of electric bike rentals (''the activity''), from all responsibilities and/or claims following an accident, injuries, theft of personal items that could happen to me or to the persons under my responsibility, resulting from the participation in the activity.

I agree not to sue any of the above-mentioned persons or entities.

I agree to follow the instructions for use and safety given to me by the staff of Vélos Évasion and to use the bicycle under normal conditions. I will assume the cost of replacing or repairing the rented equipment if it is lost, stolen or damaged during the activity. Upon return of the equipment, a summary evaluation is made to verify the condition of the equipment.

I understand that by participating in this activity, I may be photographed. I agree that any photos or videos of me or any person under my responsibility may be used for legitimate purposes by the organizers.

I hereby authorize the person(s) under my responsibility (between the ages of 14 and 17) to participate alone or in a group in the "electric bike rental" activity and affirm that he/she meets the required criteria to participate.

I hereby accept to receive communications from Vélo Évasion.